• We carry an extensive range of most water filtration and purification products, including:
    • Housings
    • Cartridges
    • Reverse Osmosis systems
    • Media
    • Spares and Accessories.
  • Watermate has the right product solution for every application.
  • We are just a phone call or e-mail away and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.
  • All our products come with installation instructions or we can arrange installation for you.
  • We deliver nation-wide.


Payment Options:

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Our Flagship product – Watermate II SS Whole House Unit


  • 3-Stage municipal water purification system designed to clean all water entering your home
  • Designed and manufactured locally but using tried and tested technology
  • The best product of its kind in South Africa

  • All Stainless steel
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Capacity – 1500 l/hr
  • Less expensive than most imported plastic units
  • Comes in single, double or triple configuration to match specific requirements
  • Supplied with easy DIY instructions or we can arrange installation


Other Whole House Systems





Under Counter & Counter Top Systems


Cartridges & Filters

Ceramic filters


Granular activated carbon filters
Carbon Block filters
Linear cartridges
Screen Mesh
Pleated Cartridges
Sediment cartridges
KDF-Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges
KDF-Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges


Filter Media

Activated carbon
KDF 55/85
Silica Sand
Active Alumina
Water softening resin
Iron Removal media




Mineral Pots




Ultraviolet Sterilisers


Water Softeners