Watermate designs, installs and maintains a wide range of water purification
systems including the following:

  • Home Municipal Water Purification
  • Guest Houses, Lodges & Hotels
  • Purification of borehole water
  • Rain Water Harvesting & Purification
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Salt Water Desalination



Indisputable Facts

1. Tap water contains Chlorine, which is carcinogenic (causes cancer)

2. Tap water also contains heavy metals such as Mercury and Lead which contribute to the onset of Dementia and Altzeimers.

3. Bacteria, Viruses and Cysts which have been found in tap water cause Diarrhea, malnutrition and other diseases.

The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that Chlorine and Heavy metals are removed from water at point of use.

Problem Solved!

A Home Water Purification system using a very specific type of carbon and a patented product called KDF has been developed.

This system removes harmful contaminants while maintaining the natural balance of minerals which would normally be found in the best natural water available.